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Testing the Special Relativity Theory with Neutrino interactions

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P.W. Cattaneo
A recent report of superluminal neutrinos from the OPERA experiment appears in contradiction with prediction of energy loss of superluminal neutrino via the pair creation process ν → νe+e.
The same process should result in isolated e+e pairs in detectors with good tracking capability traversed by a large flux of high energy neutrino like NOMAD.
In the past different physical arguments motivated NOMAD to search for similar topologies.
These results can be reinterpreted to provide stringent limits on
special relativity violating parameters for all ν species.

Detector characteristics

We set strong bounds on special relativity violating processes involving neutrinos
and anti-neutrinos of all species based on previous search of isolated e+e pairs in the NOMAD detector.
This translates in strong limits on possible superluminal behaviours of neutrinos of all species for extensions of the special relativity theory with ’broken’ Lorentz invariance.
We strongly encourage the NOMAD collaboration to perform a dedicated analysis to optimize these limits…..
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Written by physicsgg

November 4, 2011 at 8:43 pm