Space stuff of the future put to the test

This may look like a NASA version of the game Connect Four, but in fact it’s a scientific experiment.

Photographed during a spacewalk as part of the current Atlantis shuttle mission, the Materials on International Space Station Experiment 8 (MISSE-8) consists of a series of circular test beds containing solar cells, computing devices and new and experimental materials, some of which, NASA hopes, may have applications on future spacecraft. The panel is attached to the outside of the space station, exposing the objects to the rigours of space, which include radiation, micrometeorites and extreme temperatures.

MISSE-8 is expected to return to Earth in early 2013.

An Amazing View

This panoramic view was photographed from the International Space Station toward Earth, looking past space shuttle Atlantis’ docked cargo bay and part of the station, including a solar array panel.

The photo was taken as the joint complex passed over the southern hemisphere. Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights can be seen on Earth’s horizon and a number of stars also are visible.

Skies the limit: Photographer snaps space station streaking over Britain TWICE in one night

A British photographer was over the moon after he captured the International Space Station flying over Britain twice in one night.

Mark Humpage camped out all night to snap these out-of-this-world images of the ISS speeding above the Leicestershire countryside.

The 46-year-old was staked out in a secret location where he calculated conditions were just right to get this amazing long-exposure snap of a double fly-past at 00:57am and 2:32am on Sunday…….

Space station: A double flyby at 0057 0232 hrs against an all night star trail and a fiery moon. It was captured on 12 June

Night sky: Two circular trails created by the orbiting International Space Station can be seen curving towards Earth

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