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The quantum creation of an open universe from nothing

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In 1982, Alexander Vilenkin was the first that suggested a cosmological model, in which the universe is created by quantum tunneling from literally nothing into a de Sitter space. In subsequent years, J.B. Hartle and S.W Hawking described the “Wave function of the Universe” and then Andrei Linde, “Quantum Creation of an Open Inflationary Universe
V. A. Rubakov, “Quantum Mechanics in the Tunneling Universe” e.t.c.
Now we have the Bubbles from Nothing…from Jose J. Blanco-Pillado, Handhika S. Ramadhan, and Benjamin Shlaer

“Within the framework of flux compactifications, we construct an instanton describing the quantum creation of an open universe from nothing. The solution has many features in common with the smooth 6d bubble of nothing solutions discussed recently, where the spacetime is described by a 4d compactification of a 6d Einstein-Maxwell theory on S^2 stabilized by flux. The four-dimensional description of this instanton reduces to that of Hawking and Turok. The choice of parameters uniquely determines all future evolution, which we additionally find to be stable against bubble of nothing instabilities….”

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