Solar Neutrinos in 2011

The Borexino detector. It was designed to detect sub-MeV solar neutrinos. It features a high light-yield, ultra-pure liquid scintillator target. A non-scintillating buffer region serves as shielding for external γ -rays. Its location at a deep underground site and its muon veto suppress cosmic backgrounds

Alvaro Chavarria
I give an overview of the recent developments in the solar neutrino field.
I focus on the Borexino detector, which has uncovered the solar neutrino spectrum below 5 MeV, providing new tests and confirmation for solar neutrino oscillations. I report on the updated measurements of the 8B solar neutrino flux by water Cherenkov and organic scintillator detectors.
I review the precision measurement of the 7Be solar neutrino flux by Borexino and the search for its day-night asymmetry.
I present Borexino’s latest result on the study of pep and CNO neutrinos. Finally, I discuss the outstanding questions in the field and future solar neutrino experiments.
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