String Theory or Loop Quantum Gravity?

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David Gross vs Carlo Rovelli

String theory has dominated discussions at the frontiers of physics for decades, especially in the attempts to build a quantum theory of gravity. But does it deserve its exalted status? Nobel Prize winner and String Theory pioneer David Gross debates Carlo Rovelli, one of the founding fathers of Loop Quantum Gravity. The discussion is lively; full of insights, insults, backhanded compliments and even some common ground as to the nature of physics.

Timecodes 0:00 Introduction 3:00 David Gross early years, 4:00 Carlo Rovelli early years 5:22 David on string theory 20:22 Carlo on string theory 31:08 David&Carlo on string theory 53:20 Loop Quantum Gravity 1:00 David&Carlo on LQG 1:21 Black Holes 1:30 Predictions and the Scientific Method


Written by physicsgg

December 23, 2021 at 7:12 pm


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