Reflections on a Revolution

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John Iliopoulos, reply by Sheldon Lee Glashow
In response to “The Yang–Mills Model” (Vol. 5, No. 2).

To the editors:

It is an honor and a pleasure to comment on Sheldon Lee Glashow’s magisterial essay on the Yang–Mills model. His essay is all the more special for describing one of the greatest chapters in the history of physics, the story of a beautiful mathematical concept transformed into a theory for all seasons, the Standard Model of particle physics. It was of course Glashow who played a central role in the electroweak part of the story by coming up with his masterpiece, the SU(2) × U(1) gauge theory. And with the added masterstroke from Steven Weinberg, his high-school buddy, as he reminds us, we now have not just a theory of all relevant particle interactions at today’s energies, but also a theory of the origin of the masses of elementary particles. Simply, mass turned into a dynamical variable, the knowledge of which enables us to unambiguously predict the associated Higgs boson decay into the relevant particles. And we know with certainty that the W and Z bosons, predicted by Glashow, and the third-generation fermions receive their masses from the Higgs mechanism….

Written by physicsgg

October 2, 2020 at 5:18 pm

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