Seeing Through Our Galaxy

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WISE2012-003-A-annotated-smThere’s a problem with our view of the night sky: beautiful though it is, we’re incapable of seeing with our own eyes what the Universe is like from an outsider’s perspective. No matter where we are, we’re stuck inside our own galaxy, with all its light-blocking and obscuring properties.
But there’s a trick to seeing through it: some wavelengths of light are more transparent to our galaxy’s material than others! And when we get there — when we view it — the rewards are incomparable, including what we learn about what’s there in our own Universe…
…Find out how we see through our galaxy, and discover the whole of the Universe! (Plus don’t miss the amazing visual reward at the end!)

Written by physicsgg

November 22, 2014 at 7:41 pm


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