Neutron stars – A melting pot for atomic nuclei

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Neutron stars are extraordinary objects in the universe. Their density is so high that atoms melt within them and new states of matter arise. Tetyana Galatyuk and her colleagues try to simulate these conditions at the smallest scale using the FAIR particle accelerator and observe the results with the CBM detector. Thus, they not only learn more about neutron stars, but also about the innermost structure of matter.

Tetyana Galatyuk is head of a junior research group at GSI Helmholtz and the TU Darmstadt. With her group, she carries out experiments using HADES and CBM to explore compressed nuclear matter. Galatyuk studied physics in Ukraine, worked with the STAR detector at the RHIC accelerator facility in the U.S. and subsequently conducted research in Germany.

Written by physicsgg

January 10, 2014 at 7:04 pm

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