Stephen Hawking performs Big Bang Theory theme song …

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… in surprise Comic-Con appearance

My hero! Jim Parson's Sheldon gets to meet Stephen on the Big Bang Theory back in April

My hero! Jim Parson’s Sheldon gets to meet Stephen on the Big Bang Theory back in April

He’s the one man on the planet who science geek Sheldon Cooper is really impressed by.
Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking made a surprise appearance at Friday’s Big Bang Theory panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, California.
And the 71-year-old genius – who is idolized by Jim Parson’s character on the hit show – even apologized to the gob-smacked audience that he could not be there in person during his pre-recorded video segment.

Hawking – who has made cameo appearance on the show playing himself – started his message by saying: ‘Sorry, I couldn’t be there. I got a flat tire – that was a joke. Ha ha!’
And the amazing Oxford born physicist and cosmologist joked that he enjoyed playing games with Sheldon.

‘When I’m not playing Words With Friends with Sheldon, I like to think about the universe,’ he revealed.

Then, much to the delight of the assembled fans, Hawking decided to explain the Big Bang theory in 17 words by singing the show’s theme song.

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July 21, 2013 at 12:48 pm

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