What kind of energy is the mass?

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E. R. Cazaroto
In 1905, Einstein discovered the famous equation: E = mc2, which means that the rest mass of a particle is some kind of energy. This energy is generally referred to as “rest energy”, since the particle is believed to be at rest.
This paper proposes a new interpretation for the term mc^2 in what concerns the fundamental particles.
Observing the similarity between the term mc^2 and the kinetic energy term mv2/2, we propose to interpret mc2 as being one term of kinetic energy.
In other words we propose that, in the called “rest frame”, the massive particles are not really at rest, but they are doing a special kind of motion at the light speed c.
In this interpretation the “mass” is not an intrinsic property of the particle.
The “mass” is simply the kinetic energy associated with this special kind of motion. We propose that this special kind of motion is a Microscopic Orbital Circular Motion (MOCM).
The more important consequence of this hypothesis is that the term mc^2, present in the relativistic Hamiltonian, must be rewritten as: mc2 -> p0 c, where p0 = mc is the modulus of the instantaneous linear moment of this motion.
The MOCM results from the interaction of the massive fundamental particles with some field, and different eigenstates of this interaction correspond to different masses (different eigenvalues). However, the theory only provides the shape of the interaction, without telling us which is the nature of the field itself.
The spin of massive fundamental particles is generated by the MOCM. In the quantum mechanical formulation of the theory, we noted that the velocity operator associated with the Dirac Hamiltonian is physically inconsistent.
This paper shows that the origin of these inconsistencies is the criterion used to determine the operators alpha_i and beta presents in the Dirac Hamiltonian. We propose a new determination for these operators.
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