Whether or not to run in the rain

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Franco Bocci
Abstract: The problem of choosing an optimal strategy for moving in the rain has attracted considerable attention among physicists and other scientists. Taking a novel approach, this paper shows, by studying simple shaped bodies, that the answer depends on the shape and orientation of the moving body and on wind direction and intensity. For different body shapes, the best strategy may be different: in some cases, it is best to run as fast as possible, while in some others there is an optimal speed (…)
(….) We have solved or studied this equation for a plane surface and for bodies with a simple shape. For a plane surface, we have found the following
• An optimal speed exists subject to the sole condition that the rain wets the rear face of the surface, irrespective of the intensity of the wind and of the sign of vx.
• The optimal speed is uopt = v·A/Ax, so it depends on |v|, and then on the drop size.
• When moving at this optimal speed, the surface does not get wet.
• The optimal speed can have any value.
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July 22, 2012 at 5:53 pm


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