Higgs News ?!

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I hope my colleagues will pardon me if I just point you readers here to a site which has many more readers anyway, where Peter Woit is distributing a rumor about ATLAS and CMS having both observation-level signals in their data. I am unable to comment (yet), but of course if the rumor is true then in the next few days we will have reasons to party !

The only thing I think I can discuss with you here now is the predictions on the Higgs boson significance level produced by CMS in October 2010 – a couple of geological eras ago, that is. Those predictions can be trusted because 2011 data showed to be perfectly in line with them, both for the 95% CL limits and for the significance -of course the former are valid in the full mass range and provide more verification power than the single significance number, which is only valid if the Higgs boson exists and has a particular mass…..

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June 17, 2012 at 2:19 pm

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