The Swiss boson

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A schematic of the problem, courtesy of HSBC’s currency outlook lab

by Izabella Kaminska
The Swiss boson is a hypothetical condition which is supposed to account for why the Swiss franc has ‘mass’ when all other neighbouring currencies don’t.

A multi billion-euro experiment, operated by BERN (but funded outright by tax payers), is currently under way on the borders of Switzerland and the Eurozone to try and stamp out the asymmetries, ideally by creating something known as the ‘anti-franc’.

As part of the experiment, highly skilled practitioners smash billions of Swiss francs against the euro currency daily, with the explicit aim of blowing apart the franc.

Experiments to date suggest the boson is probably hiding somewhere in the 1.20-1.22 field. Though some say there’s a chance of finding it at the 1.25 mark.

Yet as the experiment continues, fears grow that a black hole could unwittingly be created in the current account of the nation — a singularity known as the “ever depreciating euro asset” phenomenon…..
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April 15, 2012 at 8:47 am

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