Searching for Higgs: from LEP towards LHC

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Estimate of the Higgs mass in the Standard Model from electroweak precision measurements (24). The excluded area labeled LHC has been updated with results from Ref.(51), courtesy M. Gr¨unewald. Present search limits for the Higgs boson from LEP and LHC leave only a small mass gap, the white bar close to the minimum of the χ^2 distribution

W.-D. Schlatter (CERN), P. M. Zerwas (DESY)
After a brief introduction to the theoretical basis of the Higgs mechanism for generating the masses of elementary particles, the experimental searches for Higgs particles will be summarized, from bounds at LEP to inferences for LHC.
The report will focus on the Standard Model, though some central results on extended Higgs systems, as conjectured for example in supersymmetric theories, will also be recapitulated.
Alternative scenarios based on spontaneous symmetry breaking by novel strong interactions are adumbrated at the theoretical level…..
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December 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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