Solar flares as harbinger of new physics

The continuum flare spectrum (red stars), with the dashed line representing a blackbody at ∼9000 K For comparison, it is also given the spectrum of the quiet Sun (blue points). The overall spectrum of the quiet Sun has a near blackbody shape at visible and near-IR. Excesses over a fitted blackbody appear at EUV and far-IR and beyond. The striking EUV excess of the quiet Sun is the manifestation of the solar corona problem

K. Zioutas, M. Tsagri, Y. Semertzidis, T. Papaevangelou, E. Georgiopoulou, A. Gardikiotis, T. Dafni
This work provides additional evidence on the involvement of exotic particles like axions and/or other WISPs, following recent measurements during the quietest Sun and flaring Sun.
Thus, SPHINX mission observed a minimum basal soft X-rays emission in the extreme solar minimum in 2009. The same scenario (with ~17 meV axions) fits also the dynamical behaviour of white-light solar flares, like the measured spectral components in the visible and in soft X-rays, and, the timing between them. Solar chameleons remain a viable candidate, since they may preferentially convert to photons in outer space…..
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