The Axion Dark Matter eXperiment

Axion couplings and masses excluded at the 90% confidence level by the experiment. The main figure shows the results from the Phase I upgrade and the inset has the limits from all data by ADMX.

Dmitry Lyapustin
The Axion is a particle arising from the Peccei-Quinn solution to the strong CP problem.
Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaking in the early universe could produce a large number of axions which would still be present today, making the axion a compelling dark matter candidate.
The goal of the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) is to detect these relic axions through their conversion to photons in a strong magnetic field.
Results are presented from a recent ADMX data-taking, along with plans for the next phase of ADMX, which will allow the experiment to explore a significant fraction of the favored dark matter axion mass and coupling phase space.
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