Oscillations in the decay law: a possible quantum mechanical explanation of the GSI anomaly?

Francesco Giacosa, Giuseppe Pagliara

We study the deviations from the usual exponential decay law for quantum mechanical systems. We show that simple and physically motivated deviations from the Breit-Wigner energy distribution of the unstable state are sufficient to generate peculiar deviations from the exponential decay law. Denoting with p(t) the survival probability, its derivative h(t) shows typically an oscillating behavior on top of the usual exponential function. We argue that this can be a viable explanation of the observed experimental results at GSI Darmstadt, where the function $h(t)$ has been experimentally measured for electron capture decays of Hydrogen-like ions. Moreover, if our interpretation is correct, we predict that by measuring $h(t)$ at times close to the initial one, the number of decays per second rapidly drops to zero…..

Read more: http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1110/1110.1669v1.pdf


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